#hack4good <-> #crisiscamp <-> @unMonastery?

In last days, after Nadia tagged me and Kasper in comment (sad to admit on Facebook), I took some time to participate in hack4good online hackathon and organize #crisiscamp in Graz. Happy to see that so far over 300 people joined online hackathon already providing useful results!

Yesterday we met together, 4 of us, and dedicated a whole day to a Crisis Camp after #Haiyan. Last tuesday i stumbled upon this invitation post from @crisiscommons.org and decided to organize one in Graz :slight_smile:

I also started working on simple html5 webapp for organizing camps. In next days planning to deploy it to @crisiscamp.net [source code] Hope it will make it easier to enable more people to help address various crises. Also everyone please feel invited to contact me if you would like to organize a camp!

On networking side, i would like to contact #hurricanehackers @OccupySandy.net any other suggestions?

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In Matera?

This looks like really great work Elf, I was wondering from your post title, are you suggesting we do one in Matera or as an unMonastery event elsewhere?

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new UnMonastery({ location: ‘Funky Town’ })

I see possibility of experimenting with events like crisiscamps. Later some of them may gain enought recognition in local cummunities that they could transform into unMonastery node… Matera could also host regular camps of course :slight_smile:

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I see scope for tying up the unMonastery to the resilience theme via social innovation. The idea is: we do disaster preparedness in a decentralized way, by skilling people up and giving them simple, open tools that they can twek on the fly. In fact, if we win the Resilient Cities Challenge, we would be doing some of that stuff – and have money to fund it. Which does not affect you, [elfPavlik], but it does affect others. :wink: