Hackathon Harvest Interview of Chihiro by David

What are you taking away from the collaborathon? What are you learning?
What is the person who is speaking saying? Please try to write every word – sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

I enjoined meeting super nice people.
Everybody here seems to have have some motivation towards change our society.
i don’t have a own project yet but this hackathon gave me some hints what would be work for me in the future.
The facilitators succeeded to create a save space - and i learned that a good environment is an important factor to initiate collaboration.

Where does it go from here? How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

There was not enough time to seriously prototype but we were able to discuss and collect building blocks for new games regarding which i can really say that i would like to try them out and play,

name: Chihiro

Thank you! Chihiro