Hackathon NUIT DU CODE CITOYEN 15 March 2019

After several discussions with @zmorda on further collaboration with the Edgeryders community and Eslpace .We agreed on organizing a hackathon the last December 2018; After several iterations, we will have now the opportunity to make it real with bigger collaboration and support from international open source makers from Paris and Lyon.

Please take a look on the event , It is a concrete opportunity to start our hackathon. This is our third time and we have two projects under development regarding public transportation use and a scanner open source for the valorisation of heritage. We are open to invite others community projects from Oureghema @Yosser or different partners in Tunisia.
Looking forward to hear your feedbacks .
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Hello @khaoula. My comment would be that I am missing a “What is this?” page on the website, explaining to me what the whole thing is about, who organizes it, what the expectations from me as a participant are, and what’s in it for me if I participate (this last thing is hinted at).

A common problem with hackathons is unrealistic expectations. You are supposed to produce a working prototype in a very short time. So it is important to know what we start from (data? senior developers to help out participants? nothing at all, we are on our own?) and what the event expects to get in the end.

Dear @alberto thanks for your reply. First of all, this is our 4 hackathon in Elspace. We are working on concreate project each year. We are working on open source apps for public transportation in Tunisia; and an open source scanner to help Ngo, architect, and researchers to scan the building and the scene. Each year we are gathering to keep going the technical and the business development. I will post the Github link later for the two projects. Hackathon does not have unrealistic expectation until you well designed and well communicated. The two days are orginased by Elspace in partnership with les bricodeurs .

For this year, I was really motivated by my discussion with @zmorda that I would like to suggest that you could also present one of your ongoing projects to be continued on the hackathon. Before the event (February) a call for participants will be launched for each specific project. We will inform selected people, invite the leader project and facilitator to help the progress of each project.
As a participant, you should be one of the believers of open source .you will have the possibility to continue working on the project in the fablab and also in the coworking space with different members.
In order to share the concept note of the project with you, I think we should a least have a first the wellness to part of it.

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