Hacking Health Bordeaux Event

Friday Oct 21, 2016 - Sun Oct 23, 2016


Adeline came accross this event to be organized in Bordeaux bext fall. The organization behind it is AquitHealth – I have contacted them as I saw a past student of mine is part of the founders. I should soon meet with them.

I then wondered how useful it would be to be present at this event (we in Bordeauw will be, but how about others from OpenCare?).

The event apparently is partly organized around hacking sessions (interesting for people at WeMake?). I’ll post an update as I get to better understand what they are doing and what the event is about.



In writing the proposal, I insisted that people allocate generous travel budgets. The idea is exactly to be present at this kind of event, especially in the early stages of OpenCare. The more we do this, the more serendipitous we will be.

So I would say: yes, Guy, please let us know more. I encourage everyone who is interested to just go.

Update on Hacking Health Bordeaux Event

EdgeRyders: @Alberto @Nadia @Noemi SCImpulse: @Massimo @markomanka EHFF: @Lakomaa WeMake: @Costantino @zoescope Milano: @Rossana_Torri

and I am sure I miss some people – please let them know (the mention thing is not fu…nctioning, not totally).

I just met with the local organizers of the Bordeaux Health Hacking event to take place next Fall in Bordeaux. This post awaits a clear answer from everyone in our consortium. I need to get back at the organizers with a set of proposals in the coming month.

We are com-ple-te-ly in line with their view on Social Care and how Health Hacking can change the game. The Health Hacking event is actually a trademarked event that originated in Canada (I might meet with co-founder  Luc Sirois on the occasion of a travel in Quebec in April). They have a Europe wide yearly edition that usually takes place in Strasbourg.

I believe we have advantage of being part of this event in Bordeaux. I would encourage as many of you as possible to join. Here are a list of things we could do:

  • The event starts with a one-day of talks. We can ask to have a 1/2 hour slot to talk about what/how/why we are doing. I am sure a combination of visions emerging from EdgeRyders/ScImpulse/WeMake/(Milano?) will be of interest to a majority of people attending the conference. (Did you know 50% of gross salles -- chiffre d'affaires in French -- in technology related health business is made in Aquitaine?).
  • The event then welcomes a hackaton where teams work on project that are pitched in by sponsors (companies, organizations, name it). Each project is pitched in on Friday evening; teams form around projects and useful competencies; other people are there to coach teams on tech, legal, medical or any other aspects during the whole duration of the hackaton.
  • Project output are graded and prizes are offered to teams -- no money, but rather accompanying measures to help teams go forward with their ideas and prototypes.
    • OpenCare could well pitch in a project on which team(s) would work. This could be an opportunity to recruit competencies we find necessary for a prototype we have in view.

I feel this is a not-to-miss opportunity. I know the EC funded OpenCare has a short, two years life to live, but OpenCare should make it so to last much longer. By discussing with the local organizers – they happen to both be medical practitioners and tech passionates, I could foresee potential future projects on a vast panel of topics.

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let’s do it

I’m game. We could organise an Op3n Hangout call dedicated to this rel. soon. It clicks with some things I am exploring including a pitch to Fedasil (Belgian Federal agency that manages all the refugee reception centres in the country).

Well spotted Guy

The event seems professional and that fact that it’s well thought of in advance probably means it’s good outreach if we participate. So already Edgeryders is in, whether it’s us personally attending or OpenCare Fellows, that is something we can discuss. I would see projects we find in the community attend the hackathon as a project development perk, only those we’ll know in some weeks from now.

Sounds great

an excellent opportunity.

So are we participating ?

We should settle this during the June meeting.

I am assuming those who showed interest still do. @Noemi and @Nadia and @Alberto and @Costantino

What we need to decide is

  • who of us would give a short presentation of what is opencare (and how/why it intersects with the hacking event)
  • what challenge we can submit to participants (something tech-oriented with a WeMake flavor, or one with a UBx flavor or both)


@Costantino available and present.


  • what is the deadline to submit our challange to the participants?

  • can you link a tipical call / challenge ?

Getting prepared for HH Bordeaux in October

Sorry for updating this post only now. I have fresh info from the organizers. @Costantino and @markomanka and @Alberto and @Lakomaa and @Rossana_Torri please forward to anyone who is interested.

We need to register to the event. The prices make it clear you need to register early, I mean now. Click the “Je m’inscris” link.

  • We are scheduled for a 30 min talk on Friday Oct 21st. Who's in to give the talk?
  • Some challenges already have been published.  Go take a look. (You may need to create an account to access the challenges.)

UBx might propose a challenge around mining discussion and networking (surprise, surprise, …). Who’s in to propose another challenge? WeMake?

I registered

I do not think anyone else will come from Edgeryders.

Registered too.

@Alberto Are you ok to give the 1:2h talk presenting the project challenge and expected impact, and activites going on?


Do you still plan to participate?

Challenges: have a look on the Hacking Health Bordeaux website.

Does WeMake still plans to submit a challenge? UBx will submit one around designing UI to navigate discussion forums, find the most relevant people w.r.t. to some topics, etc. @Alberto: would you like to join this challenge? We will probably provide (anonymized) data extracted from the opencare platform.