Hacking Health Bordeaux

The event is a hackathon week-end around :

  • Takes place in Bordeaux, in a building called the "Athénée municipal"
  • Starts on Friday October 21 (late afternoon) / Ends on Sunday (afternoon)

P.S. @Jason_Vallet, @Alberto you need to create a sparkboard account so you can also join the HealthNet team. Follow the link to the registration page, and click “Ouvrirun compte” in the top right part of the page.

I don’t get it

Your link goes to Eventbrite. I already have an Eventbrite account, and already registered for this event. I don’t see how to join the team, and it makes no sense you’d do this on Eventbrite, it’s not groupware!

I see that my presentation is at 14.30.

@melancon , shall we spend some days together working on our papers after the hackathon? Like 24-26?

Eventbrite and paper after the hackathon

I do not now how to deal with eventbrite, I was lead to this site when I registered … it’s not that crucial, so just ignore it.

The talk is indeed at 2:30pm

Working on the paper after the hackathon is much better, I do not teach on Mon, Tues, Wed.

Opencare at Hacking Health Bordeaux day 2 - work in progress