Hacking Health Milano - tavoli tematici

On 27th of September WeMake joined an event organized by Hacking Health Milan with the aim of outlining the challenges that will act as a starting point of 11-13 of November’s Hackathon.

The workshop was for a whole day and the purpose is giving space and voice to needs and necessities connected to care.

During the last months Hacking Health has been collaborating with a team of researchers of Milan Bicocca University’s Psychology department. Together they observed and involved different structures and individuals related to hospital areas and care field, by interviewing doctors, nurses, caregivers, patients, assistants, exc.

Materials and contents originated by this in-depth research was be presented to the participants during the event of Tuesday and provided to every working table. The attendees later had the possibility to enrich the common knowledge and experiences, starting base of the day’s activities, with new incentives and considerations, in three different fields: re-thinking care, re-thinking patients, re-thinking systems.

WeMake contributed with its expertise, still ongoing, connected to the area of care and derived by the steady commitment to the project opencare.

We supported the identification of needs, facilitating the definition of challenges and providing tools and methodologies connected to collaborative design in an open design and digital fabrication perspective.

The event took place at Milan Bicocca University, from 9.00 to 20.00. If you want to read more about it, please visit this link.

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