Has anyone tried to run a meeting or webinar on minecraft?

Im so sick of video chats at the moment and looking for creative alternatives/ ones that allow us to be more expressive

Not yet, but I would be also very much interested :-).

Hi Magda
Nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:
I am trying to find a nice place to set my session in the community summit we are co-creating. And maybe help others to be able to set up their own there.

Do you already have an account on minecraft/played it before?

Dear Nadia, nice to e-meet you, too.
My teenage sons (still) play Minecraft, as for myself I rather organise various activities around it in the frame of the international project UrbCulturalPlanning https://urbcultural.eu/
Our gamification programme was inspired by https://www.blockbyblock.org/ initiative
Now we are developing a new game adopting Minecraft to some of its stages as well. That’s why I am so much interested in various uses of Minecraft and less abvious apects of it. I am sedning best regards from Gdansk, Poland :slight_smile:

Apparently there is a risk of strangling your colleagues by accident, but Red Dead Redemption sounds like a fun place for meetings. I now wish I had it.

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“by accident”. :))))



it turns out my bestie is involved in building an opensource vr meeting space called alloverse https://alloverse.com

Check it out @MariaEuler and @federico_monaco
anything you might want me to ask her?