Heads up: Matera events in open data

I recommend all unMonasterians in Matera make use of a simple, but elegant idea deployed by @piersoft. It works like this:

  1. Anyone organizing an event can upload the related info on this form
  2. The event then becomes a record in an open dataset of events.
  3. Which is then visualized on this calendar/map.

The beauty of it is that the data themselves are open, so anybody can reaggregate, enrich, visualize them in any way she wants.

The system is being tested: for the test phase, the password is OpenDataMatera. Try it for the Piccianello events?

sick of forms, they cause network fatigue!

it looks like it uses google calendar, we also publish events on google calendar so just syndicating it with other services (like open data hub matera) sounds more practical then retyping same data 10 times in different forms…

@piersoft how can we add feed from this calendar?

even better if we can hook up ical in case we decide to move away from google calendar!