Heads up: new content in OpenCare

We are now in the phase of tidying up loose ends after a successful platform switch.

As you know, all OpenCare content has been ported to the the new Discourse platform. A version of Open Ethnographer that works on Discourse was deployed and is now being used by Amelia. Most annotations made on Drupal were also imported to the new Open Ethnographer; the others will soon follow suit.

Meanwhile, new content continued to flow in, and it was created directly on the new platform. We are now in a position to merge this new content with the pre-existing one, code it, process it with GraphRyder and write our final results. In terms of the new platform’s architecture (based on “categories”, “topics” and “posts”, rather than on groups, posts, and comments), what counts as OpenCare content is:

  • Everything in the OpenCare category and all its subcategories, except subcategory “Open Care Research”
  • Everything in the OpenVillage Festival category (which is all new content).
  • Individual topics that, though they arose in the context of other projects, are judged to be relevant to OpenCare. Just like with Drupal, we have ways to to tell the platform to funnel those topics into the Open Ethnographer coding queue. There is some new content from mostly Northern African contributors coming through from a different project. This has a different focus, so most projects there are not about care. We will code those that are.

As of now, we have 297 unique contributors with 997 topics and about 3,500 contributions (but we have not yet corralled the individual topics yet). We should be quite close to the million words milestone. :sunny: