Heads up: partnering up with Politecnico Milan

Calling @marina and @amelia . I have an old friend who is a professor at Politecnico Milano (Department of Design, not Management where Paolo works). PoliMi is a superpower in EU funded research.

He proposed a meeting to discuss possible partnerships towards the HEurope calls of September 2021. The idea is to set up an agenda ahead, then have an open-ended conversation starting from that. For our part, we would be introducing the RezNet’s strategy (and pitch the state of the art of SSNA, which is starting to look impressive). We would also discuss the areas to which we both are interested.

What do you think?


Sounds really good, I’m up for that call!

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Sure, sounds interesting!

Ok, @marina. I will let you take the lead on this. The main thing is to start looking at topics, so that we can prepare a proposed agenda. Stefano said they are especially focused on health and food, but open to other stuff as well. Do we wait for the actual calls to come out? When are they expected?

In the team meeting next week the idea is to present the calls that might interest us from the Pillar 2 focusing on: Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society (me) & Climate, Energy and Mobility (@ivan).

I’m happy to then have a call with Stefano. But I wasn’t planning to look into health or food. As we discussed in the strategy meeting, the idea moving forward is to focus on the topics majority of people in the team are interested in. If we are to look across the entire Pillar 2 then we’ll need more people involved.

That said, if Polimi is building a consortium on other topics we can of course be a part of it. Just trying to focus our efforts when it comes to the initial mapping of the calls.

They are supposed to be published in May, but in the meantime we are doing the selection on the basis of the available draft workprogrammes.

Yeah, we do not have to accommodate them. it is a preliminary meeting.