Heads up: reporting almost finished for Edgeryders

Ping @LuceChiodelliUB

Part B is done, as far as the Tasks led by EDGE are concerned. The Data management plan had a major update: GitHub - opencarecc/opencare-data-documentation: Data in opencare: rationale, strategy and how you can use them . However, it still only covers the workflow that starts with the online conversation in Edgeryders. Conversation-as-data stored elsewhere (workshop notes, commented prototype specifications etc.) should be covered by dedicated sections of the data management plan authored by the partners that do have those data, namely ScImpulse, WeMake and possibly the City of Milan.

Part A is partly done. Still missing: a list of dissemination/communication activities; info on the scientific paper co-authored by Guy and myself; notes by Edgeryders on risk R7 (unforeseen), the risk that the EC would block our fellowship program. @markomanka told me he was working on careful documentation on the incident, so I prefer to write after hew has written.

Luce, what else do we need?