Heads up: the Budget Tracker seems buggy

This is for @LuceChiodelliUB .

I have noticed that the item “Direct costs – Goods and Services”, as we reported it, runs to 16K EUR. However, the overview tab only reported 5K.

I discovered that some of these reporting cells are sums over a bunch of cells, for example

=SUMIF(‘Direct costs - Goods Services’!A4:A23,“WP3”,‘Direct costs - Goods Services’!E4:E23)

Here’s what happens: in the details page, we add more rows to make space for new items to report. But in the overview tab the corresponding formula does not get automatically updated. For example, in the example above an item reported in the cell A24 does not enter the sum.

So now I fixed this particular problem, but I am worried that other similar problems might arise elsewhere in the spreadsheets… Luce, can you check that the timesheet and the cost reporting make sense to you?


@Alberto - thank you for the feedback ! I’ll have a look at it and upload a corrected version as soon as possible (the next 2 weeks are quite hectic here) and keep everyone posted with the update.