Heads up: thinking about duration of hackathon tracks

In a call some time ago, @Rémy, @Dorotea and I decided to shorten down the hackathon to two days, the 21st-22nd of October. The 23rd was to stay more free: people will be setting up the venue for the main LOTE4 event, but that does not start until the evening that day, so people still hacking can go on.

It now seems like @Leo and @Marc want to start on the 20th (and possibly keep hacking throughout LOTE4? This needs to be on the table, so we can find you a solution); this made me aware that maybe @danohu has requirements too. What do you say, Daniel? Is 21-22 OK for you? As for my own session, I do think we will need two days to get it done. I will talk with @Noemi and @amiridina and make a decision.

Anyway: who, from the hackathon group, can meet on the 20th to set things up? I will fly in on the 19th, so I am available. What about you, Rémy? Still in Matera?

We will also need @Natalia_Skoczylas and the unMonasterian detachment – but logistics decisions on that have not happened yet, I think they are piling up into @Ben's to-do list.

the list is exactly what we need to compose now, can we maybe meet on a hangout tomorrow afternoon/evening or the next day morning? So I can start preparations asap.

21-22 is perfect for me. I’ll be able to help with setup from late afternoon on the 20th, I guess. [I plan to reach Bari at 12.20 on the 20th].

Talk about it at tomorrow’s community call!


For all of you who already know when you get to Matera, could you get it on the travel wiki? I see Daniel’s already there.

Prefer: arrive 19th & minimal hacking during LOTE4

There’s always a start up effort on a new project. I’d like to have enough time to achieve substantial progress. That means, ideally, arriving on the 19th, doing physical and tools and systems setup, meeting whoever is there, and being able to start right away on the morning of the 20th. Depending on my travel schedule, if setup goes well I’d be glad to do some dev on the evening of the 19th. If not everyone can arrive then, that’s OK. They can join in when they arrive. :slight_smile:

At the other end, LOTE is going to be super-full of exciting things to be part of and people to talk to, without trying to be hacking while it’s happening. I don’t want to miss all that because I’m focused on my laptop, so I probably won’t do much hacking after the afternoon of the 23rd.

How many people do you expect?

Hi guys, thank you, so it’s 21-22 with the Kiderwind starting on the 20th.

I’m preparing a blast for the hackathon starting tomorrow, so people coming to Lote can make a decision whether to come earlier or not, and to have a realistic number before planning for food and all.

One thing I see is missing so far from the setup is the number of people that are expected to join you - so far I’m counting up to 10 registered to your events, are you counting on/ hoping for more?

Do you have any other things that you’d like us to include in an open call for participation?

Here it is… check?

I’ve set up this wiki for a final shoutout, do check and edit as you please… you guys know your stuff best.

Thanks @pacheca for inspiring the graphics, I did my best remixing it, didn’t want to keep you too busy <3

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