Health Autonomy at the End of Empire Podcast

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce a podcast that we’ve started through the Woodbine Health Autonomy group. It’s being supported by Please check it out, let me know what thoughts you have, and if you have any suggestions for an episode. Please email Once we get capacity for Skype interviews, there are so many of your projects we’d like to highlight, so be ready :slight_smile:

Podcast Description: “This way of life is a war against our bodies. The air polluting our lungs, our breast milk filled with toxins, and our mental angst driving us to suicide. Proposed health cuts increase our general precarity in relation to a failing health system, a health system that fundamentally furthers our objectification and dependency on capital. Therefore the steps we make to gain and share skills and develop subterranean practices of care can return some of the agency we’ve lost to the professionalization of medicine and the profitable mystery that is our bodies. As we think about expanding our capacity, we don’t want to just “fill in the gaps” of public health infrastructure. We need to slowly break our dependence on these institutions in all the ways that we can and also look for ways to use them to our advantage. We think this happens through sharing knowledge and skills, an emphasis on preventative care, and finding ways to manipulate existing structures to allow us to move forward on this path of autonomy. We believe in the utter necessity of revolution, of the development of material lines of power. Questions of care and health autonomy are pivotal to that progression. From the Greek solidarity clinics to the Zapatistas “healthcare from below” to Black Panther Clinics and GynPunks, there is inspiration for this path all around us. We begin by finding each other. This podcast will be a step in that journey.”

Health Autonomy at the End of Empire


This looks great. I was thinking that podcasts are a great way to reach an audience. it also allows people to multi task in ways that reading and watching don’t.

Im sure you have heard of these guy already but id love to hear an interview between you and cadus. Who built a mobile training hospital that they took from Berlin to Rojava. so inspiring.

I will listen to this today. good work.