Hello :) can we have algorithm-free social media? What if it just could be done better differently? What do you look for online? Let's design things together! A request for feedback on a proposal & call for participatory design

Hello :slight_smile: I am Sergia, live in :switzerland: and interested in technology that actually is good for us, developed in good team cultures where voices are heard. I’m interested in better social media, AI ethics, mental health online. I have experience doing AI research and working in a non-profit in that area.

I’m looking forward to discussing and sharing ideas. I have a proposal based on my experience creating better social media algorithms. I was thinking that since we humans like to share things, what if we don’t even need “an algorithm”?

Would love to get feedback and find people interested in this. It is in the Creative Commons domain. Inspired by my experience in social media non-profit and a startup, and many discussions at EPFL in Switzerland and in the Bay Area in California.

I’m new here, excited and don’t know many details. I have more ideas :slight_smile:

Here we go: Direct sharing: a proposal for social media without an algorithm - Google 文件


Hello @sergia , nice to meet you.

I have been hanging out on Mastodon in the last few weeks, and it’s algorithm-free. I am on an EU-centric, climate-centric instance called https://mastodon.green: it is a one-man operation, funded by users paying a small monthly fee. As far as I know, it is exactly algorithm-free social media. Have you tried?

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What is your experience on MASTODON so far? How does it compare to the edgeryders.eu platform?

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Still finding my feet on Mastodon. Edgeryders is a forum, whereas Mastodon is microblogging, so the difference is very large. On Edgeryders you do deep debate with a few people; on Mastodon (or Twitter) you mostly share and reshare links.

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