Hello! Eco/ bio design and positive visionaires


Hi there!
I’m new on this forum so still needing to get myself accustomed to things so bear with me. Some very exciting topics and seems I have found my tribe on a number of discussions! I’m an eco and bio designer/artist exploring and developing new bio materials as well as working on using recycled plastics using local waste streams. I’m looking at developing a business that is sustainable and closed loop #donoharm, prototyping materials and product ideas. I’m interested in building communities, tree houses , dens :wink: , sustainable communities, social good. I vision a positive future (solarpunk ideas excite me) looking at ideas that utilises technology but in harmony with nature. You can see examples of my work on Instagram @ecotribolife. I look forward to hearing more about everyone’s ideas and hopefully helping to bring them to fruition.
Please get in touch and say hello if you share any similar interests. Best wishes Tyrone


Hey Tyrone, and welcome to Edgeryders! Regarding your interest in biofabrication, you may also want to say hi in the BioFabForum. It’s an assiciated online community that you can use with the same account as edgeryders.eu … see the top right “Communities” menu, where you’ll find a link to the BioFabForum and our other associated online communities.

(In case this is confusing: until a week ago the BioFabForum’s home was in a category here on edgeryders.eu. It just moved :slight_smile: )


@Tnt1 welcome! Would you be a solarpunk-inspired commercial artist? I might have a couple of hours of work that needs done. But I need a very fast reply, sorry :slight_smile:


Yes that sounds interesting what you thinking?


Thanks for the tip! On it! :love_you_gesture:


Huh… sorry, did not see this in time. :slight_smile: