Hello Edgeryders, from matrix.org

Hi Edgeryders,

Your projects are extremely noble and ambitious ideas! I have not managed to read about everything you’re working on right now but am very interested.

I notice you may be using Matrix for your communications - that sounds like a great choice for your purpose, as it allows you to host your own server while being able to communicate with people on the rest of the federated network.

If you would like any more information or support, please let me know. I work as a Developer Advocate for matrix.org, so if there is some issue or (missing) feature you are struggling with, I’d love to be able to help.

You can reply here, or find me on matrix: @benpa:matrix.org



Hello @benp, thanks for your kind words. We are indeed running Matrix on our own server. We are very happy with it right now, you guys are doing great work. @matthias is the one doing sysadmin work, and he might be able to point you to any issue we might be having, but we are talking about details. We understand you have given up on the idea of developing group VOIP calls, which is probably a wise choice – that was the main feature we wanted, but we realize it’s a lot to ask for.

In fact, more the other way around: we should probably make a donation to your work, or something. It’s really helping, and we like the vision.

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