Hello from a word nerd in Prague :)

Hi everyone,
my name is Anna, and I am interested in the future of food (especially urban agriculture) as well as the question of wellbeing in Europe and creating technology that serves communities. I was really happy to discover so many of the things I care about are under active discussion here on Edgeryders.
I am a communicator by nature: I have been a writer and editor for most of my professional life, doing communications and marketing for the last several years. I am American by birth but a citizen of the world by heart, currently making my home in Prague. Although I don’t speak much Czech, I am fluent in German and conversational in Norwegian. Look forward to getting to know more of you in the near future. :slight_smile:


Hello Anna, welcome to EdgeRyders! Please check this special forum for the Czech Republic. We don’t hear that much from the region so far, maybe you can write a few lines about the situation there V Česku - Edgeryders

Welcome from me too, Anna!

Have you been living in Prague since a long time? Making a new home somewhere in pandemic times must be difficult,
I don’t know about you, but if I hadn’t been living in Belgium as an expat since 3 years before covid19 hit, I would have felt much more alone. And even so, I direly miss my friends back home whom I’d visit often.

Hi Anna, welcome! Great to hear from someone who has the experience in the city I come from:) We have had a couple of conversation about food and sustainability in Prague in the Czech forum, one specifically discussing various projects and initiatives. You can check it out if you want - I do believe google translate can help:)

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Hi Noemi,
I only moved to Prague last January, so I had about 6 weeks of the ‘old normal’ before the pandemic struck. It has definitely been a challenge to settle in without being able to go to meet ups, take classes and all the other ways I used to meet people. I do have friends in other parts of Europe so am hoping to be able to see them once travel gets easier. Anyway, it’s good to be here, thank you for the welcome!

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Thank you Wolha, unfortunately I don’t speak or write Czech but I could write something in English elsewhere if that would be helpful?


What interesting urban food/ag projects are going on in Prague?

Hello fellow word nerd! Have you had a chance to dive into the brilliant work of Hundertwasser?

Yes please, having a better idea about someone’s interests, work or even personal challenges makes it so much easier to connect across the community,
Imagine, at the moment there are about 6500 registered on this platform, many of whom have shared something over the years!

For now, I think this framework for thinking about the future of rural communities and their revival through a youth return could be interesting for you:

Looking forward,

Thank you @noemi for the tip on rural communities.
@matthew I mainly know the work of Hundertwasser through the Hundertwasser Haus in Vienna which has always been a favourite destination :slight_smile:
and @johncoate the only interesting urban food/ag projects i know of in Prague are community gardens - apparently there are about 60 now in the city, up from only 20 a few years ago. But other than that I would say we are a bit behind in the Czech Republic, even organic produce is still hard to come by.

Community gardens is whew it usually starts so that is not bad progress. Organic produce - yes that pipeline can take years to set up. Tight margins on food means one is likely not destined to make much money doing it. It seems to me that many cities got their organic pipelines going through small-scale neighborhood efforts so consistent demand could be established.

That is true, @johncoate, the community gardens are the vanguard and I think the younger generation here as in many places is more attuned to the importance of organic and locally-grown… we will get there!