Hello from sunny Yerevan

HI there, I’m Seda from Yerevan, Armenia. I'm art historian and cultural manager by education, journalist and communication professional by job and geek by nature and habits. Yes, and most importantly, I’m a crazy mom of 3 kids. Happy to join the platform, am going going to present my project here soon also looking forward to the workshop in Yerevan.

welcome SEDA

hello and welcome to edgeryders

I am hazem from Egypt and am waiting to know more about ur project :D:D

can u tell me more about ur jobs :smiley: what exactly is a communication professional and during ur work as a journalist did u travel out of Yerevan. and say hello for ur kids BTW how old are they 

Hello from Tbilisi

Hi @SEDAchka and welcome on board! My friend @Sam Muirhead and I will be traveling to Yerevan today (Wednesday) and preparing for our Friday workshop.. We look forward to meeting you and especially learn how come you started learning a profession which seems quite solid (history) in terms of time investment, and got into communication… Hope you are up for some serious sharing :slight_smile: By the way this is my story

Inch ca chka? :slight_smile:

Hi @SEDAchka, nice to find you on Edgeryders too smiley

See you tomorrow at the event!