Hello from the EDGE of the Rock:)

Hi Edgeryders! My name is Arsen, I am a 38 years old guy from Armenia, from a village in the mountains! I am a vegetarian and I do yoga, and it is very very rare in my area, so I represent something like a very exotic minority here, but I am happy to be one, because I see how my personal example, my dedication to healthy lifestyle principles changes their mindset and people start questioning their own lifestyle, which is full of coffee, alcohol, meat consumption, often anger and stresses. I share my knowledge as much as I can and I see that I am respected for that even by those who do not find my lifestyle very inspiring, because they see: I set goals and I achieve them, and this is something universal I guess, you don’t have to be a vegetarian practicing yoga, or a meat-eater loving alcohol, in order to have that feature. I am aiming to go to India soon to learn Sanskrit and to deepen my knowledge of Yoga, so i can get back to my village and open a Yoga school. I am happy to get on this platform and to be able to share my ideas, concerns, inspirations, and to ask questions to such a big community of like-minded people living on the edge!:slight_smile:

Gosh I missed you post!

Hi Arsen and welcome to our home on the internets. Lovely to meet you. How did you get into Yoga?

I tried it out a few times, but the first time the studie was located right next to a kickboxing studio. You can imagine, the instructor is going on about calm etc and HUH HUH HUH from the next room :slight_smile: Should give it another go though. Everyone Ive met who does it is smitten.

don’t know if it’s useful but still…

Hi Arsen, welcome!

The last guy I know who went to India is a Romanian who after about 5 months there came back and saw our country with totally different eyes. He is now one of the most respected social innovators in the country - he founded Romania Pozitiva - taking up and promoting a whole different outlook on the country, especially grassroots initiatives that we need to appreciate more. Here is a bit of his story…

While I wish you the best of luck, I’m looking forward to learn more about what the context is in Armenia - did you retreat on purpose up in the mountains or were you born and bread there?