I have just joined the Edgeryders community, and therefor would like to introduce myself.

I am Swedish, and based in Amsterdam. I work as a designer, with a versatile material and production knowledge.

I make a lot of my designs by hand, and am also familiar with medium/large scale factory productions.

One of my main interest is 3-dimensional design such as jewellery, clothing and furniture. I also design flat graphics, and I like to experiment and pay extra attention to print techniques.

Im looking forward to find a way of contributing to the community in one way of the other! I have been introduced to Edgeryders by Nadia.

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Welcome on board!

@Pernilla hi, I’m Noemi one of the community managers around and with Edgeryders for some time now, almost 3 years. Nice to meet you and hope you’ll find some time to share your work with us…

If you’re interested in collaborating with other community members there’s this event we’re organising which is called Living on the Edge, it’s our annual Edgeryders gathering. This year we are each earning tickets to it by helping shape it and producing material that’s needed before we meet in Italy, October 23-26… There are some design tasks which haven’t been claimed just in case you wanna get a taste of how we’re working together. welcome!