Help define and set up our communication infrastructure!

This is a working document for how we structure festival-related information so that it can be picked up on a presentation page in a way that allows for decentralised contribution. While ensuring the content presented outwards is visually coherent and always up to date:

Please add content you feel needs to be picked up and a proposed structure for it below
This will enable community members who have volunteered to develop the minisite to debug the instructions before we finalise and push them out.

  • Festival Site Overview I One wiki where we have an overview of what goes into which sections of the the minisite

  • Program Overview I _One wiki where we have an overview of the state of development of the different parts of the festival program _

  • Participant Sign Up form: _Discover Typeform, where forms = fun

  • Voluteer sign up form: I (good example for a template form here)

  • Set up CountonMe follow space I _

  • Documentation subcategory (+ template wiki) I webcontent-festival-documentation

  • Create a Festival Webcontent Subcategory and add the following placeholders:

    • Event/Activity Description template I webcontent-festival-location-cityname
    • Festival Budget Management space I webcontent-festival-budget
    • Activity organiser bio template I webcontent-festival-organiser-bio
    • Partner organisation info
    • Participant instructions + Materials to download I webcontent- festival-manual-participants
    • Organiser instructions + Materials to download: webcontent-festival-manual-organisers
    • Call for participation template I webcontent-festival-templates-calls
    • Event updates I webcontent-festival-news
  • Split and Copy paste the different sections of the festival organisation manual into the the right placeholder pages:

Key Documents

Please note - different tracks of the festival have different coordination instructions as the financial support is coming from different grant sources that have different requirements from the funders.

Instructions for organisers

Budget planning & management documents