Help get the program page finished so we can launch!

To set up Program page:

This page is automagically created by picking up events in the LOTE4 group and our events are collaboratively built…but we need to signal it clearly to every site visitor, as well as make it easy and clear to propose a session!

So please create one event in the LOTE4 group for each slot in this preliminary program including lunches, dinners and the Stewardship Award event. Note the exact dates and the times please.

The program is preliminary and the only sessions which are set are the first and last ones (so you can copy paste their contents into the events you create for them, and please include nice photos of the people leading them).

All the others are to be created by the participants in the coming months so please put some appropriate and engaging text inviting people to submit a session proposal relevant to the topic of Community/collaborative stewardship (still not sure about which to use, im leaning towards collaborative).

just a question - i uploaded all the photos we had on Stewardship website, but many of them are missing. Are we allowed to you any photo of the speakers so I can just google them, or we wait for them to send us something nice?

Closing this.