Help us evaluate Sources of funding for social entrepreneurs/ social innovators

As described in Alberto’s Report on the difficulty of finding support for social ventures it seems many changemakers and future-builders are having a hard time finding sources of real support outside their immediate personal networks. Some time ago Jean Russell, another Edgeryder and the source of inspiration for the name, shared a list of places to turn to for Social Entrepreneur, Social Enterprise and Social Innovation Sources of Funding. The original list was compiled by Mark Grimes and others on and is a great resource. Let’s help make it better!

At the moment we have no way of knowing what the odds are that your or my kind of project will actually be interesting to the different organisations, and the other way around. What kinds of support can you expect to get from each organisation and under what conditions? Do they fund new kids on the block or do they tend to go for established players with a long track record of past successes…etc.

Please contribute towards putting together a free guide for social entrepreneurship funding and help us design better policy: Tell us your experiences from dealing with one or more of the organisations on the list!

Good for you: If we all share our experiences from having dealt with one or more of the organisations on the list, then this makes for a valuable repository of information that might help save each one of us a lot of time pursuing dead ends.

Good for everyone: In addition to helping to identify gaps in the current options available, perhaps funding bodies could learn from the feedback and identify issues or room for improvement that they were unaware of.

Count me in! How do I participate?

It’s easy! Take a look at the list of organisations and pick one or more that you have had some interaction with personally, and tell us what the experience was like. You could just send us your reflections in an email to:

If however you’d like to share your insights as part of a conversation with people from all over Europe, and access the guide, please sign in to the platform here

And then submit your contribution by clicking on the"DO THIS MISSION NOW" button look up to your right on this page. This will open a WYSIWYG editor where you can write about your experiences.


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