Hey, where's everyone?

Hello all! I am eager to do more on social media. Are we still doing this team thing? I am not receiving emails, and the calendar has not been updated in the last few days… please let me know :slight_smile:

we’re here :slight_smile:

we are here, but coordinating a bit behind the scenes,

also I was sending mails daily and people started to get ‘habituated’ and also their mailboxes ware sending the emails to ‘promotions’ and ‘Lote’ became some kind of advertisement :slight_smile:

so I thought we have to slow down a bit… :slight_smile: but we are back on track

actually after the ‘storm’ we have lots of good content to share so we can use them and maybe add them to the social media basket :slight_smile:

for the next days lets promote the South Africa adventure and the Traveling arrangements (hot topic now) :slight_smile:

I think me and Noemi are keeping things and strategies up-to-date but sometimes we just do not manage to up-date everything on the platform,

recently we have been updating the connect page (maybe we can promote it as well), just mentioning here, but I think I should also update this topic in the correct place for this :-) 

I know its a good habit to update everything on the platform up-to-date and I’ll try to practice this practice more :slight_smile:

No probs

I am cool with whatever you want to do, just reiterating my availability. Also, I noticed that traffic has slowed down a bit over the last few days…