Hey! :)

Hi all, my name is Antonella. I am a sardinian-italian-worldcitizen user experience designer based in London :slight_smile: If I can do something for this project from here I would be glad to participate. I am also available to move. I am in love with ethnography and social innovation. I studied communication science in the faculty of political science, university of Sassari. As UX designer, I am a user advocate.I study people and their context so I apply anthropology and human science to my work. I am a very curious person. I speak english, french, italian and sardinian (fluent) and I have a good understand of spanish. I am open to other activities that are not design related. I am a active person. In the past I was activist in a trade union and in a political party. My CV is here: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/antonellasassu

Hey you :slight_smile:

Hello [antuneleta], good to meet you. First of all, thanks for applying! I looked through your profile on Linkedin, and I have two questions.

  1. can you explain which ethnographic research tools you have used, in which contexts (example: user testing of some tech product), and for which purpose? 
  2. have you been exposed to Atlas.Ti, WEFT or similar software for qualitative analysis?