Hi edgeryders!

Hi everybody, I’m Tahir, a French living in Paris.

I’ve found your website while trying to attend a workshop few months ago (to which I eventually was not able to participate…). Then I wanted to investigate more about what you do, the topic was really interesting: the idea of analysing conversations globally and extracts knowledge and understanding about the underlying populations from it (this is how I have understood it).

I’m working as software / data engineer / statistician since a long time and besides that, I’m also interested a lot in understanding people behaviour, how they interact, how they live, how they gather themselves and what are the topics they are interested in, and why (everything that is related to social sciences).

To give more details about me: today I’m working on analysing human resources data of french companies to understand the mechanisms that make people stressed, the ones that improve their well being level, etc. To do this I rely on survey data we have collected, composed of both numerical and text data. From text data, I extract topics and try to find relations among them.

I’ve read the paper you’ve written about Semantic social networks and it was a clear introduction to understand what is the work of an ethnographer, and I’m very interested in learning more about it.

I like the subjects addressed by your work, the projects are meaningful for me, and I also like a lot working with people of different fields, so I’m wondering how I can contribute :slight_smile:

I would be glad to use what I’ve learned in my professional life in order to work on projects about people.

Thanks in advance,



Hi Tahir,

Welcome to Edgeryders. Our community manager @noemi is currently offline for a few days so i thought i would jump online to say hello and welcome you to the community. There are many here who share your interests and your background.
Me, i work in arts and culture, but i have a lot of interest in: [quote=“tah, post:1, topic:9012”]
understanding people behaviour, how they interact, how they live, how they gather themselves and what are the topics they are interested in, and why (everything that is related to social sciences)

There are a few projects and posibilities appearing on the platform right now that you may wish to engage with:
@hugi is developing a large project around Particip.io which may interest your software/networks instincts.
You may also want to reach out to @amelia who is our main digital ethnographer, who has many exciting ideas for the development of this new field of digital ethnography. She outlined some of her thoughts here

There are many others on here with interesting stories and relevant expertise, so feel free to read around and start replying to ongoing conversations and project threads. Once Noemi is back from her retreat i’m sure she will also reach out to say hello and respond to any other questions. Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to ask for directions wherever you feel lost.



Hi Alex,

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:

Happy to see there are many things to do, I’ll take a look at the links you provided, it seems interesting !


Hello Tahir, and welcome! It sounds like you could be a great fit for the Particip.io project if you’re interested. We’re looking for developers, our project Realities could be an interesting fit for your interests.

Welcome - delighted that you have joined us!

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Salut Tahir! Nice to virtually meet you. Your work sounds really interesting and I’m glad you found our paper useful. Let me know if you have any questions, and please feel free to jump in on any of the threads where we are discussing things of interest to you :slight_smile:

Hi Hugi,

Thanks for the links, concerning development, I’m more suited to dev related to backend / data, but I’ll have a look, the specs file seems funny :slight_smile: The project is already ongoing ?

It’s just starling, though some of it is building on existing projects.

Hi Amelia,

Thanks, nice to meet you as well, yes the paper and also some long posts of @alberto and you were helpful to understand the discipline :slight_smile: