Hi every one my name is Ahmed I am sorry for the delay

I will start by introducing myself.
Here is a brief about how I started and when
Arttopiaa starts from 3 years ago
My friends and I met about 4 years ago at a university art gathering. Our interest was in educating people through art. We started an initiative called an artist in the street. The aim was to beautify the areas by drawing them.
The following year we were able to include a large number of artists from all over Egypt. And we were able to take the university closed exhibition and re-opening and the establishment of a weekly workshop to teach drawing for free.
The last thing we did was to qualify high school students to pass the qualifying entry exam of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Applied Arts
In the end I am happy to be with you

Hello, @ahmed.anwr, and welcome on board!!

Best wishes for the successful Workshop. Very much looking forward to hearing from you and the team how it went!


Hello and welcome, @ahmed.anwr! Looking forward to working with you. I found an Artopia in Alexandria: is that you?

actually they are not us, we are in Upper Egypt

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I see. Where can I find information on your Artopia? :slight_smile:

Try using Arttopiaa on Facebook
Here is the page link