Hi Everyone meet Elias!

Elias and I met a while back when I did a small presentation at SIDA, the Swedish International Development Agency. He is interested in maybe getting some organisations to invest in a SPF exercise in Sweden.He is like Simone, Tiago and Andrei looking to get a grip on what this thing is and how to pitch it to prospective clients :slight_smile:

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Hello… link?

Hello Elias, great to meet you. Are you reading us? I don’t see a link to your profile on Edgeryders…

I’m here! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your warm welcome! I’m gonna try my best to find time to be involved in this as I am very intrigued by the concept and methods.

Ever since I was introduced to Edgeryders by Nadia I’ve been trying to find out how to get funding from Sida. Today, I met with some ex-colleagues from the time I was an intern there and unfortunately, it seems like all funding is already allocated for 2014, and most of the funding for 2015. This is just for the unit for ICT though, there are other units that would be relevant as well (i e the one focusing on democracy-focused initiatives). I will try to find out when they have CfP and get back to you.

During our discussion, Making All Voices Count was mentioned again. Perhaps this would be something for Spot the Future? Spotting the future of feedback loops…? Just an idea. Not sure when the next CfP will be though…

Making All Voices Count aims to close the feedback loop by creating:

  • tools to enable citizens to give feedback on government performance
  • stronger incentives for, and greater capacity within, governments to respond to citizens’ feedback
  • incentives and the capacity for citizens to engage with government to improve their policies and services