Hi everyone!

I’m really happy to (virtually) meet the Edgeryders community! My name is Alina and although I was born and raised in Bucharest Romania I spent the better part of the past 8 years studying and working in the UK and France. Until recently I worked as a responsible finance analyst for an asset management firm, which in simple terms means researching companies’ social, environmental and governance policies in order to make better long-term investment decisions. I am looking for ways to apply my skills in corporate responsibility to achieve greater impact, and to learn of new ideas in social and environmental innovation. I’m currently based in Vienna, Austria.

Hi and Welcome :slight_smile:

Nice to “meet” you Alina. Welcome to our little corner of the internets, hope you will find it a meaningful place to be.

Was there anything in particular that drew you in or more a general what’s going on here? If I know a bit more I can maybe help point you to things you might like :slight_smile:

Me I’m primarily working on OpenCare. We’re still tweaking the community project space, but you can maybe get a sense of what it’s about anyway here


Nice to meet you officially, @Alina_Moldovan.

CSR seems like a high potential avenue, but I’m not sure what’s the state of the art of making impact in that space. Curious, did you quit your analyst job or changed it for something that is more interesting to do in the future?

And then, what do you hope to find in Edgeryders? There’s nobody in Vienna right now that I can think of, but maybe you can connect with others here based on something you care deeply about.