Hi everyone :)

We are Silvia D’Ambrosio and Chiara Ferrero, two Service Designers collaborating for the OpenCare crew from WeMake.

We come from two different cities, Naples (myself) and Turin (Chiara) where both of us studied Design and Communication in our Universities (Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli and Politecnico di Torino).

After our Bachelor’s degree we decided to move to Milan in order to attend the Master degree in Product Service System Design at the School of Design - Politecnico di Milano, where we finally met each other :). After we have passed together our first exam, we discovered that we are able to work together in a super-effective way, thanks to our capability to mix our professionalisms, abilities and passions. When one of us needs help, the other one supports her and viceversa, in any kind of situation (even shopping matters!).

Last year, in order to realize a real prototype for the Innovation Studio course, we got in contact, for the first time, with WeMake and @Costantino, who helped us to realize it. Some months later, Costantino  asked us to join him at the GEC 2015 - Global Entrepreneurship Congress, collaborating with Maker Faire and Garanzia Giovani. It was a great experience! We organized and designed the elements for the Maker Faire’s stand. Moreover, during those days we met a lot of people and we discovered new materials, technologies and projects.

This winter, after concluding all our master exams, Costantino offered us to be involved in OpenCare as Service Designers. We obviously accepted and jumped in it! Currently, we are working for OpenCare as interns (two months and two months, from March to May), but we strongly hope to continue this collaboration with WeMake.

We think that OpenCare is a great opportunity for us and both for our expertises and capabilities, since it is totally linked with our studies and passions.

Well, thank you for reading our little story :slight_smile: let us know if you have any further questions.

Have nice day!

Silvia and @ChiaraFrr


Hello !

Hello girls, welcome on board :slight_smile:

Cute picture - judging from your background, I can’t wait to see your contribution to the project !


The joy of having someone to catch you…

Hi Silvia and Chiara,

Nice to meet you, this is me, and a more up-to-date story on my interest in care and this project is coming soon. Great to see you found each other, I’m someone who’s working quite a lot online and seeing how isolating it can be if you’re working alone, I’m on the lookout for a stunt double :slight_smile: on the principle that: great minds don’t think alike, they think better together.

Welcome on board!