Hi from ComprAssieme, South Italy

Hi from South Italy by ComprAssieme ( http://www.comprassieme.it ). We are developing a network of local associations that want to buy their food local No anonymous companies but instead from known farmer that we visit periodically. PS: Yes we also love to have a credible excuse to meet each other. See the photos on our FB page

Very cool

Hello @comprassieme, I noticed this post just today. You should connect with @matthias and the Eppelia group in Germany; in Italy the same group is represented, I believe, by @ilariadauria.

Somebody recently told me that Italy is way ahead of the curve in this stuff. And they showed me the video below …

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Sounds like potential collaborations?

Hello @#6026 , thank you for providing an insight into your work for us! And yes, you’re at the right place here :slight_smile: Speaking a bit for Epelia (note our new Italian translation box on that website!): We have been briefly in contact by e-mail already, right? Sine Epelia is already trying out its concept in Basilicata (@Lois does, in Matera), we’re interested in collaborating with more initiatives in the region. If you are likewise interested in a collaboration, let’s talk (Skype or similar)!

Your strong point is for sure to have a working system in Southern Italy already, with several farmers and customers. Epelia’s, to have a software that can connect local initiatives like yours with similar initiatives abroad via international direct food sales incl. combined, cost-effective shipment. Does that sound like an opportunity? Or is there any other thing how the Edgeryders network or Epelia might support what you do? Just let us know :slight_smile:

Yes, we wanna work togheter

Hi @Matthias, yes we have been just contacted by Micha Gattinger on 16 June.

You are in right the idea is to connect our initiative through Epelia, no problem for us if there are other italian collaboration ( you call this kind of collaboration regional-cells ).

I want to remeber that our customers are communities more than individuals ( more like Farmigo than Cortilia ) and, in the future, we can be avaiable also to localize our platform in other languages if could be useful.

Our account on Skype is “comprassieme” we can also have a videochat on Mon morning ( ex 11:30 ? ).

Byee ( see us soon ).

PS: I think that with @Lois we have just contacted using FB (my social profile is here)

Sure, up for it.

Hey @#6026, great. Let’s definitely talk about collaboration options … I mean, there’s just no need to duplicate efforts. Sorry for not confirming in time, but we can have a talk any other time today, or the following days. I have sent you a contact request on Skype. Bye!

A bit of progress!

Last week, I met Pier (@comprassieme) and the two other ComprAssieme founders in Naples when heading back from our LOTE4 conference. We talked about potential collaborations, Piero compiled a picture, and I got treated with great local Neapolitan food (local handmade pasta and buffalo meat! from ComprAssieme’s food manufacturers! yum!).

We discussed options to create a Europe-wide network for exchange of local food (esp. during peak harvest times) - I’ll document progress on that when we get  to it (it will also lead to a Horizon 2020 application, if somebody is interested). Apart from that, I can only say, my best recommendations to ComprAssieme – if anyone else wants to collaborate with them, please do, it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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