Hi there!

Hi there, this is Martín from Spain… I have known about this community through academic colleagues, referring to it as a good practice example of social innovation…

I have dreams and projects I would love to share with you.

Cheers and best wishes.


Hei hei @VerdeMente ! Thanks for posting, it’s a nice act of being a member in edgeryders.
There are so many stories to tell that I wouldnt know where to start.

Do you have any interest in particular, or content/ projects you are looking to discover?
Let us know, at the moment we are starting a few 2-3 year projects that are not very much described here, so more will come. Otherwise there are many things happening all the time (people asking for help, others presenting their project, collaborations and proposals for funding etc…)


Hello and welcome from me too! I am Alberto, one of the early comers into Edgeryders. Dreams and projects? Bring them on!