Himalayan Cinema – and an innovative "passive micro crowdfunding" format

Matjaz and Eva, two filmmaker friends currently living in Nepal (and whom I met there 2015) just started a small Kickstarter crowdfunding for a project called “Himalayan Cinema”. For context: Eva and I are also collaborating on the Hansapur Coffee project. They are quite busy :slight_smile:

Their current, crowdfundable project is cute actually: “Let’s bring a mobile cinema to four remote villages in Nepal and show them, for the first time ever, the documentary films made about their places over the years. Oh and let’s make a small documentary film about these events.”

But what’s more fascinating (for me) is that the crowdfunding is only on day six and going towards “fully funded”. And, as Eva told me, three quarters of the donors are not from their existing networks – so just “random strangers” coming across the project on Kickstarter. Not much outreach / advertising was involved (avoding the one thing we always feared about running an own crowdfunding campaign).

So I thought: Maybe this kind of low-threshold crowdfunding campaign is a potential new funding model for Edgeryders-ish projects in low-income areas? I said low-income areas because only in areas with low costs of living you can create an attractive project for the (probably) 1000-2000 EUR that can be collected with “passive crowdfunding” like this campaign. The trick seems to be to reach an audience in high-income areas with a “high value for money” campaign executed in a low-income area – something that a network like Edgeryders is well positioned to do, or to facilitate for our network members.