Hire graphic designer

We’ll most probably need some nice visual designs for the project, I’m thinking a logo and digital flyers - or any visual identity related stuff.

I’ve just talked to Rita Pacheco (as usual, she offered to help!) but she’s just onboarding a new job in Glasgow and while she’s willing to help like until now, she can’t commit to taking on board the thing against a paycheck. Who else can we contact?

Building something together vs doing temporary paid work

Am preparing a set of calls for building the project in the project group. It needs to be tied to a meta description of the entire project, its different pieces and how they fit together. As well as the steps involved. For this I will ask Rita for help with the visuals. Or Malica who did the other visualisations.

For all other work, including the engagement managers I had an idea to bundle them as the work of collaboratively building a set of outputs via online participation: tour stops, conference and later LOTE (I have an idea i would like to Discuss with Dorotea which is to make this year’s LOTE the big finale to the interactions and collaborations that happen through SPF).

Rather than hire individuals, bundle the different kinds of work into packages to be implemented by teamwork with a set of roles defined that people can step into and a budget available for each group. People who join the working group for each country can step up to host the conversation and drive participation and engagement in it down the line (this will require much more work from one person who takes responsibility and support from peers). With incentives, why would you want to help? explicitly written.

I think it is much more engaging and generative to feel you are part of building something big together with cool people, and that the money is supporting this, rather than competing for temporary paid work. And we have the organisational design to support that claim. if people want to keep going, build more intiatives or draw more support around the local community we can help drive energy and attention towards their efforts.

Ideally we would be using [Matthias] 's economy app to keep track of contributions but it’s still too experimental. We can mention it as a step on the future roadmap, and see if anyone is up for trying it out as an experimental approach towards encouraging p2p collaboration on a massive scale. But this is a distant second priority right now, just wanted us to keep it in mind.

I fully agree your approach fits more with how Edgeryders work, and if you think we can build that kind of engagement and do high quality expectation management during such a short time, than great.

I have my doubts, given we’re stepping into a space where people are potentially wired into a different culture: if they’re anything like my fellow Romanians, they find it harder to get involved and get excited by the big narrative so much so to sign up and figure out the platform, put in the legwork AND spend the time online to coordinate. “stepping up to drive the country engagement process down the line” - that needs to happen yesterday in my opinion.

Anyway, maybe it’s just me who’s a bit stressed because while trying to research the space a bit, there’s lots of facebook groups and pages in Armenian and Georgian, and not once would I have needed someone to do background check before engaging with people to invite them to join the project. 

Let me know how i can help !


Nadia, this sounds more like ERs! :slight_smile:

Noemi, I don’t know what level of graphic design you expect but I can help with this if you need it!