Horizon Europe and Citizen Engagement: when and why you should use Semantic Social Network Analysis on your qualitative data


An event for individuals and organizations that are looking into the opportunities under Horizon Europe - €100 billion research and innovation programme succeeding Horizon 2020.

Discover our methodology for citizens engagement

“Citizen participation” has become an important keyword in funded EU research. This trend signals a growing awareness, in funding institutions, that expert judgment might suffer from biases and blind spots, and that collective intelligence might mitigate them. It also highlights that the broad societal transformations that Europe needs (the “twin transformations”, green and digital) will fail, unless they can count on a broad constituency of supporters.

We agree. After all, we are Edgeryders, and in collective intelligence we trust. We have developed what we believe to be a unique approach to “reading” participatory contexts, from online fora to town hall meetings, from political debate to stakeholder dialogue. It combines ethnography and network science; it has the openness of the first, the exactitude of the second, and the sheer beauty of network visualizations. We call it Semantic Social Network Analysis: SSNA. We have been working with it for nine years, project after project. With each iteration, it got better: it gained things like ethnographic coding practices, techniques for online engagement, analysis software, and publications.

In this webinar, we present this method with a view to using it in upcoming Horizon Europe calls. We hope to receive feedback and suggestions for further improvements, and would love to discuss with you possible future partnerships.

Join us if:

  • you are building a consortium for a Horizon Europe call and you need a partner that can help you build a strong “citizen engagement and social innovation” workpackage, or
  • you are simply curious about our methodology and the Research Network unit.

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Register here: Horizon Europe and Citizen Engagement: why you should use Semantic Social Network Analysis on your qualitative data



@chiara.certoma join us for this if you’re interested and spread the word :slight_smile:

also @martin

@marina thank, I’d like to but have my teaching at the same time/day… :pensive: Will spread the voice as I can

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A colleague of mine from engineering dep. -university of turin is partipating

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Great, thanks Chiara!

@amelia and @hugi, would you be willing to be part of this presentation? It would work like this:

  • I could take care of the “big picture” view: data model and epistemic implications.
  • Amelia could reflect on the generation of the secondary data, how coding styles are important and how coding for SSNA contributes to intercoder reliability and research accountability in general.
  • Hugi could take the tools angle, explaining the concept of our software stack and how we are working to improve the Ux of ethnographers and introduce multi-tenancy.

The whole thing (three presentations) should be about 30 mins, then some time for Q&A. Not strict, if people need a few more minutes that is fine.

No pressure: if you do not have time that’s OK too. Just let me know ASAP, so I can plan my own work. :slight_smile:

Yup, I can do it and I have time then, so count on me.

Super! I am going to prepare a presentation outline and share it with you. Let’s see what Amelia thinks, too.

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Only just got back from the US today, so I won’t be able to join you in preparing a presentation/presenting – but will be present at the event and can help with the Q&A if needed.

Ok, thanks to you both. I have all I need. Am working on a set of slides here: I will leave some space for @hugi’s.

@hugi, @nadia, @marina: how about a check in tomorrow morning to make sure we all know what to do in what order? 10.00 OK?

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Yeah, can do!

@alberto how can I listen in on the presentation?

Hi @doug you can fill-in this form: Horizon Europe and Citizen Engagement: why you should use Semantic Social Network Analysis on your qualitative data
and you’ll receive the link for today.


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Hello @doug, like Marina says. See you later, hopefully.

Thanks both of you. The link was hidden by the uBlock Origin extension… so my fault basically.

I got very positive feedback from this. Thank you to all, especially @hugi and @amelia, and of course @marina for driving it!

Some new leads opened instantly. Let’s see… :slight_smile:



And I should not forget @nadia, who did the outreach and got most of the leads!

(Now that I remember, the event was her idea in the first place)

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