Horizon Europe Co-design 2021-2024

New opportunity to engage in the EU Consultation and help shape research and innovation investments in the coming years. :slight_smile:


Hello @marina, @alberto I will be in Brussles the 17th November for an event organised by the European Geosciences Union. I drive in/out during the morning/evening but would have a little time for meeting you (begore 14h, after 17:30). I consider tis event as interestingf or us/you from i) H2020 / Horizon Europe and ii) Earth OS perspectives. - regards, Martin

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Noted! Let’s meet, for sure.

@martin, I checked the link: the event is on the 17th of October. And then, its no deal: both Marina and I are going to be out of the country! :frowning:

Ups cross-over of dates! Anyhow, @alberto I will be in Brussels (wider) region 14-17 November. I will keep you posted.