Hosting students and researcher at Edgeryders

Hi all, we (@alberto @marina @amelia @hugi @martin ) had a chat on the 3rd of march and discussed the possibility for Edgeryders to open its doors to students and early career researchers who want to write their BA/MA/PhD thesis (or pieces of work) on topics of common interest and spend a short time (visiting or interim) in Bruxelles.
I just wanted to let you know that, by now, I’ve informally talked with the director of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, Italy - Dep. of Management (Andrea Piccaluga) and he expressed interest in the proposal. This can be of interest for students in Management of Innovation (Lino Cinquini is the contact) or Environmental Control and Management (Marco Frey).
I think formal agreements are not required, however, when we’ll have a proper description of Edgeryders (I only sent them a very brief one) and a list of topics for research, we can share these. They might be useful to target interested students.
I’m waiting for news from the University of Venice -Dep. Management, following a preliminary informal inquire.
Before keep on with spreading the voice, I’ll wait for your inputs.


Hi @alberto @marina, hope you are doing well in this strange time.
During our last chat I mentioned, I got a project funded by the University of Venice which would have required Edgeryders’ technical support (with a budget of a few thousand euros) in the coming months. At the time I expressed my concerns as I foresaw I might have been required to quit the project because of a concurrent and not cumulable position in another university. I promised to keep you updated. So here I am. As I feared, I needed to resign from the University of Venice (and therefore stop the project) and accept a position at the University of Turin (which means: three jobs changes in less than a year…).
I am very sorry for the project and because I was happy to have Edgeryders engaged in it, but couldn’t avoid it. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid, you are always in my heart. In fact, I am writing right now another project proposal in which Edgeryders is expected to have a key role in SSNA (and dedicated budget). So, our collaboration is just postponed…:wink:

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Thanks for the update Chiara and congrats!
Feel free to reach out again when the opportunity arises :slight_smile: