šŸ‘‰ How can civic organisations turn AI technology into a force for civil justice? A conversation with Fabrizio Barca

The current crisis in European countries is driven by the paradox that we have the technology to create equality, but instead it is producing an unprecedented concentration of knowledge and power in very few hands. This must be addressed by putting political pressure on the issues.

How can we move beyond a one-size-fits all approach to new internet technologies in public administration? Failure to do so breeds resentment as it deprives people of the most important thing - human connection and a sense of being recognised - which breeds intolerance, division and a loss of trust in democracy.

Fabrizio Barca is exploring how effective civic organisations can be, not just in advocacy work but in taking action to shape services in local areas.

With a varied background in banking and treasury and more recently inequalities and justice, Fabrizio Barca previously worked at the EU and now with a civic organisation called the Forum for Inequality and Diversity.

Through his participation in the workshop on AI & Justice, Fabrizio hopes to gain even more understanding through discussing the topics with a mix of people from different backgrounds.

Meet and discuss with Fabrizio at the workshop: 19/11, 6pm:


Learn More : Conversation with Fabrizio Barca Founder, Forum on Inequalities and diversity I Ex General Director, Italian Ministry of Economy & Finance

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