How can I delete a topic?

@matthias Hey, How are you? I am wondering how can I delete a topic? I do not also remember how I created this topic. The older interface allowed people to post a topic with a photo and get people engaged. Right? How is this done now? Are topics about waste management organised under a category waste management. Thank you.

Hello @amiridina, I just deleted the concerned topic for you (which is also why I had to move your comment from there to its own new topic here). I think the concerned topic was a “group” in our old platform, and probably had a group logo. We did not import the group logos so far, this is why the topic appeared a bit strange. You see, we’re still ironing out the wrinkles on this new platform :wink:

To answer your questions:

  • How can I delete a topic? In our new software, based on Discourse, you can’t delete your own topics. This is a precaution because some users may opt to delete long threads with many replies by others. (You can delete your own comments, though.) So to get a topic deleted:

    • Click the “three dots” and then “flag” icons below the first post of the thread.
    • Select “Notify staff privately → Something else” and type in a short message.
    • A moderator will be notified and care about deleting the topic.
    • (Alternatively, adding a comment below the topic with a mention, like you did, will also work.)
  • How to add a photo to a post? Click the “Upload” button in the editor (looks like a box with an up-arrow), or drag&drop an image file into the editor field.

  • Where to put topics about waste management? You can select a category that you think fits best from the categories we have. There is no category for waste management right now, but for example the “OpenVillage → People & Projects” category would fit nicely, as it’s all about interesting initiatives in the MENA region.

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