How can 'the arts' side of culture feed into the work of OpenCare

Thanks so much for the insight.

Ok, good to know…

I was browsing some formerly funded projects and for example in this call for Collaborative Awards in Humanities and Social Sciences it appears that they do fund community inquiries. Of course, we need to scan the calls thoroughly.

@Alex_Levene I can think of a few more edgeryders whom we can invite to be part of this, the only thing is we need to do the groundwork ourselves. On the fabulousness side, the universe is bent on us making a leap with our culture team… THIS#win #Galway 2020!

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I think you’re right about the universe wanting this to all happen.

Well done for all your hard work with Galway. Looking forward to getting even more stuck in with the Culture Team in the next few weeks.


@Bridget_McKenzie are you saying you are interested in working with us on this? @Alex_Levene : I can vouch for Bridget. She participated in the original Edgeryders exercise, and she impressed us all with her smarts and compassion.


…I could be. We could help with the ‘story of change’ for an application, and audience outreach and evaluation elements. And as you know I’m interested in thrivability, which is basically about seeing mental health in a very holistic way including environmental and physical, social and cultural dimensions.

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Getting stronger

Great! This is getting stronger and stronger. Also, now that Galway won the title of ECOC 2020, it becomes a natural point to anchor some of these activities, in, via @Thom_Stewart and his group. I expect the ramp up to 2020 will be slow, despite best intentions, because the city will first need to build a delivery structure and that will take months, if not a full year. So, best to look elsewhere (like WellCome) for seed grants, involving the Galwegian contingent from the get-go.

Also: @Nadia will soon be announcing another pretty awesome (if totally crazy) opportunity: a decentralized bid to 100 and change, a competition that awards 100 million dollars to a group with a credible take on solving some big problem. “Decentralized” means that we will be proposing a smart swarm of initiatives around the central concept of community driven care. Both Galway and Flow (Bridget’s company) could be part of that. Nadia and Noemi are putting the finishing touches to the process, which needs to be robust to accommodate many people and orgs.

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I wonder

Hi Bridget,

Thanks for your insight. Having someone who has engaged with the funded before would be really helpful when i comes to opening a dialogue with the organisation. I really appreciate the thoughts you’ve shared here.

I think right now that the strength of the work i’d want to develop would be around the social/cultural therapy end. I have an early stages crazy idea that i’d like to use a platform like Edgeryders to encourage engagement and story sharing from people working in the tech/online communities (often, but not exclusively, young socially disengaged men with a disproportiately high risk of mental health disorder and often lacking in social support networks). My idea is currently that these stories, poems and thoughts could then be collated and presented through an number of ways, but my favourite (right now) would be to create an app that uses the same technology as the Pokemon Go system. Allowing these poems or stories to be placed into a real landscape (perhaps one that the writer identifies strongly with). People can then download the apps for free and engage with the works outside. Encouraging people to share, to go outside and see their words, but also to see others engaging positively with difficult truths in an anonymous way.

As an idea/project, it’s right at the egde of my abilities but i think it might have enough edges of interest that might draw in other ER people if we can find a way of funding their work to develop the tech/care sides.

Super early days right now, but i think there’s a bare bones idea in there somewhere that has real value.


Hooray for early stages crazy ideas

Hi, Alex, et al,

I’m not in Europe, so have little to offer there, but I am also in the (very) early stages of an arts/culture/therapy/social justice project here in the San Francisco Bay area, so am interested in listening in, offering my own experience, etc. I teach theatre (along with running The WELL-- I’m here because John Coate told me about Edgeryders-- and follow a lot of people around the world doing cool stuff with arts + healing.

As a related aside, my spouse is a local historian working on neighborhood levels and has been working on archiving (& making publicly available)  an enormous photo collection, and is looking at ways to share that as a way of doing enhanced map-based walking tours, etc. (The old photos and crowd-sourced info about them could show up while you were exploring a neighborhood-- there are some things like this already, like historypin.) Not as fancy schmancy as the Pokemon Go technology, but a way to be location-based.

It also makes me think a bit of Nonny de la Peña’s work with immersive journalism.

Happy to sneak into the loop if any calls are happening.

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Good point

@brady I am personally a fan of “analog” location based. Your point reminds me a bit of the Walking Ethnographies in the alcyon days of unMonastery Matera. But hey, this is just me cheering you guys on from the sidelines, this will be whatever Alex and the team that assembles behind it (hopefully including you too) make it to be. The Edgeryders mantra is “who does the work calls the shots”. :slight_smile:

By the way: welcome! Any friend of @johncoate is our friend. If you get the time and inspiration for it, it would be nice for you to present yourself in the Arrivals group.

(I did that.)

I stand corrected

Of course you did. Sorry about that. :slight_smile:

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Crazy ideas the best

OK, interesting. Young men are an important focus in general, I think. They have comparatively higher tendencies to addiction, aggression to self and others, and ideological narrowness. What do you think is the potential of transfering your idea to other communities of young men (i.e. not working in tech/online communities)? I’m thinking about those likely to be vulnerable to extremist ideologies, or drugs, or other obsessions that strip away capacity and agency.

like the way this discussion is going

Really interested in how this could evolve, with my previous collective ( we experimented around wellbeing of the elderly in festival context for young people, it was small scaled results, but when we followed it up at the retirment home it had long term results giving those elderly that participated in the festival a higher moral boost.

We did something likewise at the moviefestival i’m working at where we had groups of troubled youth help design and build an installation, could look back to it how the results went.

Mixing the known expirience that i have i’m definitily curious to look at how we could empower people who tend to have extremist behaviours or tendencies through art and culture.

Potential of Pokemon Go

Alex, you might find useful this post I wrote about Pokemon Go and its possible future applications. It probably doesn’t tell you anything you don’t know but…

This, but also

(because networks)

There’s something about the earlier prototype, ingress

Clarify that?

Uh – sorry @Thom_Stewart , I do not understand what you mean…

My apologies. Ingress is the precursor to pokemon go by niantec. It’s 'build occult force fields ’ instead of ‘catch them all’

While built on the same geodata as pmon, The ruleset of ingress requires/encourages collaborative play to capture the pokegyms / portals, and further to create network links between them to control areas.

So lower level players are incentivised to assist and build upon the work of others and swarm to a greater extent than I’m seeing yet with pgo. 

Haven’t played either extensively but that’s my impression, and for purposes of design imagination my sympathies

Great, and as I just got fired from my other work, I have time to help much more. If you could share with us the document you have created we can all have a peek and start collaborating. If I have some good ideas for funding, will let you know as well - this might be suitable for example


Maybe talk to our Egyptian friends?

Since the MENA region is the focus of this call, you could reach out to @Hazem and @amiridina and @Uli and @Hegazy … maybe a brainstorm would be generative? And of course you are welcome to use Edgeryders as an applicant UK organisation.

Adding this to the OpenCare community group

it contains community insight on the interface between care and the arts.

EU funded org

Just become aware of this new org funded by EU. Seems to be looking to bring the performing arts, science and social innovation together.

Sounds like an interesting opportunity. They are looking for artists to join them, but they are also looking for suggestions of organisations and initiatives that might want to join the discussion.