How can we make good use of 100 Million USD to fix broken care systems?

21st century care is not an engineering problem. Its boundaries, definition and even its goals are, and have to be, collectively negotiated. While specialists are needed, we need them to be embedded in an accountable, rigorous, but open and holistic discourse, where “discourse” includes not only debate, but also prototyping and testing. We propose such a discourse can only happen by collective intelligence; this makes care an ideal ground to test and deploy means to stimulate, aggregate and process individual contributions into a collectively intelligent process.

If a critical mass of people and organisations choose to pool our experiences, skills and efforts into working together… could we make health- and social care accessible for all, open source, privacy-friendly and participatory? 

In OpenCare we are already offering an opportunity for existing initiatives to participate in a process where they make their projects better and stronger by ideating and prototyping solutions with help from brilliant people from around the globe. Why not extend that to going for a massive prize together?

Let’s collaboratively build a bid for 100 Million USD to fix the care crisis!

We would like to invite anyone and everyone who cares about care to join us in building a shared vision and plan of action in response to the MacArthur Foundation’s 100 Million USD challenge!

We already have the tools, technologies, people and knowledge to do this in the OpenCare research team anyway. All that is required from everyone else is to take a bit of time to tell us about their work, answer questions and leave thoughtful comments on what others share.

If nothing else it’s a cheap and easy way to discover and connect with peers doing interesting things you can learn from for your own personal and professional development.

Everyone is welcome to participate. Getting started is easy!

You simply introduce yourself to the community during one of our show-and tell online video calls.

We connect all the projects as pieces of the solution to fix health and social care.

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