How can we organize ourselves for progress in Nepal? - Focus on children empowerment

We all know what has happened to Nepal a few months before and its wounds are still to be healed and this article might give a solution to heal this and the future wounds for Nepal. Children are the ones who determine the welfare of the country. They ought to be protected from all threats that approaches. This world of ours is nearly consumed by hatred which eventually results in conflicts and wars. The prospect of the nation has always remained in the hands of the growing children and youths. “Children are the nation builders of tomorrow”, this quote clearly defines the importance of children. So we as a part of this project, have to take a step in protecting the children in Nepal after this big Earthquake. Uncountable number of children have been dead and badly affected by the past disaster. And we also have seen many groups and individuals helping the. I who had witnessed the disaster in my home have seen some very great and some very cowardly events. So, to have a better and a shining future for Nepal a small solution could be just stopping child labor and to be honest around no child has been getting their right what they should be getting. As said, ‘a small step a big leap for mankind’, one small task of just sending children to school and giving them good health and rights might turn out to be a great idea in a way of helping the country in the future. Most of the schools have been damaged in the country and this gives a shock to the education field. therefore we must try our best in helping them. Not long before, a band named ‘kutumba’ were performing in places and collectiong stationery items for the schools. Now see being on the bright sight, we can see the opportunity that it has given us. It has given us the opportunity to unite again and get back up. To see a ray of right clearly there should be a dark room. So, as this has made the room black. The personalities of the bright people become more brighter as they unite together and the bright future of children becomes the window letting the bright rays come in.


SXG – St. Xaviers Godavari school


@Sujal_Chapagain , important point: education needs to become a regular thing to everyone in this country right now. Only today our bhajni said, when we asked her if she enjoys cooking (she is a fabulous cook) she has to because she never had a chance to go to school. She would like to practice dancing and become a dance teacher one day. Stories of young kids who leave their families to work for rich people who don’t allow them to join schools are horrible examples of how flawed the system is. And that’s just a bedrock of many social and economical problems Nepal faces.