How do people learn about The Reef?

dear @reef-recruitment , the @reef-comms team is analyzing the effectiveness of the different ways of inviting people to the public presentation. Please find here the analysis of the last public presentation list. It seems the top 2 most effective ways are via the Ads on Habitat and Participation and Through a friend (incl Through a friend in social media). The least effective way the flyers. Let us know what do you think.


Thanks for that @Janet !
Something to think about ahead of the next presentation…


Thanks a lot @Janet!

Personally I wouldn’t over-interpret the data, because I think there is an important network effect that is not represented in the data. So if somebody says “through a friend”, how did that friend learn about The Reef? Basically we don’t know.

Regarding the flyers, it’s true that there’s not a lot of people who find us this way, but there’s a couple who do. I find this very important, because it’s one of the best ways to reach out to people outside of our networks, which is always good in view of aspiration to reach as much diversity as possible. Are you planning to print some more?

On the same topic: would you be willing to look into whether it would be possible to print a new set of posters? This is again because it would allow us to reach another public. If you do, I would personally recommend to go for posters that are as small as possible (maybe even just A4), because the ones from the previous batch are so big that it was often quite difficult to find space for them.

Thanks again for everything!


The point on inclusivity is very well taken, thanks for this you are totally right :slight_smile: and yes we still have some posters and flyers available