How EU and national policies are stifling the ability of European companies to successfully compete with Chinese and US tech companies, and the values they espouse.

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Earlier this year, Amelia Andersdotter (@teirdes), Alberto Cottica (@alberto) and myself had a conversation about Europe, politics and tech.

Amelia has a lot of hands on hands-on experience around how to bridge the gap between the different actors and processes needed for political lobbying, design and implementation of policies in Europe.

It was a sweeping conversation about how in practice, the regulation of technology happens and where the real negotiations around power to implement policies (or not) take place. In this conversation we brushed on several topics and issues that together are resulting in EU and national policies stifling the ability of European companies to successfully compete with Chinese and US tech actors, and the values they espouse:

  1. That we get lots of new policy on top of existing policy with redundancy and the implications of this in the long run.

  2. The conflict between well-intended European Policymakers and national governments.

  3. Role of standards bodies and how different actors relate to/navigate/use them.

  4. The general difference between how US / China / EU institutions and national governments acts/relates to its technologies/goes about policy making / regulation.

We also discussed which skills, expertise and strategic alliances are needed to improve the situation. And how Edgeryders could better leverage our growing reach and presence in EUrope to contribute to this.

Rather than try to sum up the contents of a 3 hour, deeply technical conversation I have set this post up as a wiki for all of us to help flesh out one or more of the points above. To set a good foundation for our discussions and events before, during and after the November festival.


This is a long-term discussion that we need to have with more relevant actors - in and outside of the Edgeryders communities. Bringing in researchers, institutions - especially interesting now that there has been a very strong push for strategic standardization, securitization and industrial policy at different levels of EU governance (member states, Union level), while at the same time EU legislation tries to push in a direction of ethics, rights, rules-based governance (consider data protection or A.I. initiatives of late).

Maybe we need a round-table eventually or get some people in the same room for a workshop format on requirements on EU tech architectures?


makes sense to me - when might you want/have time to do it? If you can come to the AI and Justice event on November 19 in Brussels it could be a good opportunity to connect with possible allies ahead of future work on a round table.

On November 19 I’m busy, but towards December I’m free. I’ll be at CCC this year if you’re there? Or at IGF in Berlin in end-November, as well as in Torino for the DECODE event next week?

Amelia, will you by any chance be at Internetdagarna?

@alberto is at decode, maybe you guys can flesh something out! Alberto look ^^

@hugi Agh, I will not be at Internetdagarna, I am in Berlin those days for a JustNetCoalition meeting and later the IGF/wrapping-up work.

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Ok, got it! But I will see you in Turin and then at CCC. Looking forward to catching up.

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