How i made the change!

As a global- world citizen I find Switzerland IDEAL for my needs to interact with others around the world. The internet and infrastructure is par excellent and although I dont speak much french or german I still mange to communictae well with others here who pass through this project as most have englsh as their seocnd language. Currently my viewpoint is that decentrlaisation or ism is the way forward for our humanity to go into. It is how we will save this planet from greed-exploitation and most of all …false prop[aganda! - It is vital for me to work with people who are like minded and pragmatic. …and who see the way ahead as visionaries…and I came across this project in Month Soleil two years ago…since then I have felt that I am doing something positive to bring in the NEW society. At mont soleil we are trying to create this new culture in the shadow of the old and become a model of what we all would like to see in the age to come. I have been involved in many differnet movemnet and when I discovered the decentralise now! movement which is based on the intelligent understaing and world view which I personally resonate with I am empowered to carry on the struggle.

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Your mention of overcoming anachronism and the post-Occupy times we’re living makes me think you should definitely meet the guys at BUOY, although they’re based in the US - they are building technical platforms for coordinating group actions as their own response to the need for new culture.

Which project?

Great to meet you, @rainbowheart . You speak of Mont Soleil as if we understood it… but we know nothing about it. Can you tell us more about it?

mont soleil…MOUNTAIN OF SUN!!!

well not all the time but we get the most sun in swiss…thats why we have the first solar park in europe here…

right…about the project. essentially we are a synergy hub for people who see that we need to strengthen the parallel reality…the " normal" - we work together to make these dreams come true… why do we protest? why do get angry at things? - …and what good is that going to do when you know how the world is governed… that most of all we see is preplanned and we are just going along for the ride?// well… thats changing… people are waking up to the matrix… and yes… we are making a differnece…and yes we are turning back the tide… our quiet revolution is gaining momentum… and the establishment suddenly realise they wont have everything their own way anymore… we have a long - a very long way to go to raise the consiciousness…but we are doing it here…and with YOUR help… we can make this the EPI centre of that change…