How is implementation of the Milan prototypes on the dashboard proceeding?

This is mostly for @Jason_Vallet

I recall we discussed:

  • fltering the codes co-occurrences graph by number of co-occurrences across different threads | @Noemi
  • "novelty index" of codes | @Amelia 
  • "investing on aesthetics" | issue on GitHub 
  • add summary stats | issue on GitHub 
  • alternative ways of exploring the data | Guy's document 

What is the status of this? Is there code that is undeployed yet?

We need to make a realistic road map for the Geneva meeting.

Most of these are now deployed

Sorry for the late response, some of the aformentionned features were almost ready while some others were still scraps, however, I wanted something a tad more polished before deploying it.

So, taking back from the top:

  • fltering the codes co-occurrences graph by number of co-occurrences across different threads

This can be achieved using the Tag Full View and the Co-occurrence Intensity slider (offers filtering by both ends).

  • "novelty index" of codes

While some work is still needed to display it properly using the DOI view (see point 5), the panels showing informations on the posts now have another tab called “Innovation” listing the different tags proposed in the comments and absent from the original post. Some additional filtering and grouping should be added depending of a refined definition of “Innovation”

As discussed previously, the Global View (default welcoming page) has been somewhat of a hodgepodge of mixed ideas, never quite fitting well together. Plus the initially intended visualisation of the network ended up being illegible. So it has been transformed to address point 4:

See the Global view. This presentation is only a proposition, and other metrics or visualisations can of course be set here.

This part is a bit more tricky to detail. The document should be consulted for the full list of changes proposed, but the adjustements can be swiftly resumed as follow.

The Tag Full View underwent some transformations according to Guy’s guidelines (for now: everything with sliders, hide the drawing algorithms, show the “radiality” with another interactor; the rest will be coming later).

The tree view of threads is available through the DOI using the neighbour operation and the search field to pin-point a post or comment. The layout options are however still available for now (some discussion about the appropriate layout to use will ensue).

Otherwise, the two Tag views are still separated for now but their merger is afoot and further improvement on the DOI is still on the way to obtain more “interesting” subgraphs (less “degree oriented”).

As usual, any feed back, be it expressed as outrage, listlessness, spleen or merriment, is very welcome :slight_smile:

TLDR; new front page, the Tag Full view and some features on the DOI view are coming along nicely, some work is still needed on the Multi view and the DOI algorithm.