HOW OP3NCARE WORKS [work in progress]

Op3nCare is an open collaboration platform hosted by Edgeryders. Join our global community to make health- and social care open source, privacy-friendly and participatory.


We partner with individuals and organisations to channel collective intelligence into solving our toughest health- and social care challenges. At Op3nCare, people from all corners of the world collaboratively tackle touch local and global issues. No matter who you are,  your experiences will bring a unique perspective to our conversation and solutions development. Sign up to start collaborating and read on to learn more about how to participate.


Our challenges and programs are modeled on Edgeryders collective intelligence methodology. This means that we enable our community to develop solutions rooted in people’s needs and lifestyles. We’ve created a set of design values that bring out the best of the Op3nCare community, methods that guide our collaborative process, and actions that drive the innovative process forward.

1. Outreach and exchange of experiences  2. Collaborative sense making  3. Narrative building  4. Prototyping and testing  5. Prizes  6. Exhibition and Summit

Outreach and exchange of experiences: It all starts with an invitation for you and others around the world to share personal experiences, observations and examples on the challenge topic. You will share stories of individuals and groups who are building alternative alternatives to existing health-or social care, as well as of others whose attempts were frustrated. The purpose of this is to build a shared repository of stories, each one embedding strategies for improving health- and social care. Some will resonate more than others with participants, and that will signal to the community that a grain of truth has been found. Collectively, we will build knowledge about new approaches towards health- and social care.

Collaborative sense making: Once the the goals of Op3nCarers, a range of possible strategies towards them and the obstacles in the way are reasonably clear, the project enters a new phase of (wiki-style) collaborative writing of the Op3nCare fund mission and guidelines. This phase links Op3nCare stories to the social, economic, political and legal context in which they happen: were they enabled by something in particular? Were they hindered by it? What change in could have made the alternative happen, or happen more successfully? By asking and tentatively answering these kinds of question, participants in the process will build shared knowledge and goals. This strategy ensures that both are firmly grounded in real-life, first-person experiences.

Project Narrative and calls to action: We collaboratively synthesise the results of our sense making into a narrative structure for Op3nCare, that is going to set the scene for our interactions with one another. This includes co-designing a fair social contract and ethical guidelines for members. It also includes defining role structures (for example: participants can register as “trailblazers” sharing stories or “mentors” that help making sense of it), motivational engines (for example: badges, karma points or other forms of recognition for active users), strategic partnerships, style and aesthetics.

Prototyping and testing: t.b.d

Prizes: t.b.d

Exhibition and Summit: lote 6 takes place in September 2017, in Milan.

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