How seriously should we take QAnon in Europe?

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Every now and then, when feeling not spooked enough by pandemics and looming climate catastrophies, I have a look at the @Travis_View twitter account.

He has been monitoring Qanon cultists/followers/believes/players/bakers/etc for quite some time now. I try to keep an open mind, listening to conspiracies sometimes gives you a window into weak signals of what is to come but is not being covered elsewhere atm. Especially with far right movements.

It looks like mainstream publications are picking up on the phenomena. Is this something which you have come across in your own online spheres? Any thoughts?

Might be worthwhile to distinguish Qanon as a representative of right wing conspiracy groups in general and the actual views of that group.

I take very seriously that these groups gain traction with a growing population. In the case of Qanon I have to take seriously the fact that they keep growing in size and influence. But the idea that the Democratic National Committee runs a pedophile operation to drink the blood of children, which is a central belief they hold, is so crazy I can’t seriously believe that when such views are brought to light anyone of even remotely sound mind would endorse such nonsense. And yet, increasingly many do.