How should we use Social Media for OpenCare?

A key element to OpenCare’s success is going to be our effective use of social media outreach in engaging people to get involved in building the project together.

In part because the members of the team driving the project, and the community at large, are geographically distributed.

It also allows us to reach out to a much larger audience and make it possible for people outside our network to find out about it. But this requires a lot of work and we don’t have unlimited resources with which to do this.

So how do we make smart decisions about how to make the best use of our limited attention, time and money on social media for OpenCare?

It is my belief that our first move ought to be setting the foundations for data-driven decision making. The reason being that if we have a consistent and transparent way for everyone involved to evaluate the results of different outreach efforts, we can adopt the ones that generate good results and skip the ones that don’t. Over time we all improve our knowledge (and can share our documentation with others who also wish to learn).

This means:

i) Defining our approach towards analytics

ii) Defining the data that we need

iii) Building a process to collect those data (and a nice dashboard)

To begin with I am more or less browsing at random to discover some new ways to go about doing the above. Also, I’m upgrading my skills by enrolling in a Mooc (Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals: Marketing Analytics in Theory).

Maybe you have experience doing this kind of thing and have some advice to share or would like to get involved somehow? Perhaps you would like to join the learning trip and take the Mooc with me?

Leave a comment with your thoughts below…